What unites us?

At the exhibition What unites us? photography of Siarhej Lieskec and Oksana Yushko were exhibited. Lieskec is a Belarusian photographer good known for his works on Belarusian regions, towns and villages. Author creates portrets in the most traditional and authentic part of local culture that lays very far modern rhythm of big cities. But also we can see the signs of time in his works, notice some changes that come to the countryside. At the show one could see “AGRO” series and selected works for media.


Photographs from Chechnya by Oksana Yushko are the part of collective project “Grozny: Nine cities”, that consists of many materials gathered during different trips to Chechnya in 00’s and 10’s. Works tell about culture and daily life of Chechen people, show that side of it that usually poorly described in media. In her photos Yushko emphasizes not only those significances of the local tradition but at the same time shows over-national perspective, things that are common for all the humanity.


Exhibition was created in collaboration with Human Constanta human rights defenders.


Curator: Aliaxey Talstou.