Chyzhouka local field research cross

According to the urban mithilogy of Minsk the district of Chyzhouka mostly associated with criminality, neighborhood gang fights and high level of alchohol consumtion. Other south-eastern districts have the same reputation caused by laying far away from the downtown and the mass clashes at the outskirts during the 80s-90s. Chyzhouka is a one of the early “sleeping districts”. The first buildings and streets were found here in the mid. 60s and were settled by the workers of Minsk automobile plant, Tractor plant, Minsk engine plant.

In 2014 the Chyzhouka Arena was established at the bank of Chuzhouka water reservouar in the park of Minsk 900s aniversary. The matches of Hockey World Chamionship were hold here. At the same time the sport infrostructure was created in the park: bike roads, roller track, sports grounds, etc. In the mornig or evenitg time one can meet many locals training arond. Official sport events is pretty usual as well.
During the Chyzhouka cross I proposed to combine sports activities and informal local field research. The main goal was to search the area for any sign of criminality and check it for the accordance to the city myth. Also it could be interesting to change the place of training from the sports ground to the yards and reflect on it.

Chyzhouka cross was started around 21 30 on Friday night. Participans could choose one of three routs – 9, 7 and 3.5 km, but also they were good to modify it together or individualy. The whole run took nearly 60 min., but some of the runners finished early with lighter distances for her or his fitness. Walking group was also created. The main rout passed through the all key sights of the district, and from the beginning had an intention to introduce participants to the everyday life of this marvelous corner of the capital. Special attention was paid to the main places like public transport stops, most popular shops and silent boulevards hiden in the heart of the area.