Solo shows, projects & actions:

2019 Inner meditative sit-in, collective practice, reading, talk (Context festival, Bol’shoye Goloustnoye, Russia)

2016 Shards, site-specific installation (gallery Canteen XYZ, Minsk, Belarus)

2016 Chyzhouka local field research cross (Chyzhouka district, Minsk, Belarus)

2016 For happiness! performance (Independence square, Minsk, Belarus)

2016 It`s so beautiful! installation (gallery Ў, Minsk, Belarus)

2016 Lasunak, performative intervention (National Center for Contemporary Art, Minsk, Belarus)

2013 Self-control, oil painting, video, installation (gallery Ў, Minsk, Belarus)

2012 Reaction to alien, graphics (gallery Ў, Minsk, Belarus)

2011 Comics, oil painting (House of Culture BY the Sea, Minsk, Belarus)



Group projects:

2018 Убежище / Suoja / Shelter festival-laboratory, audio installation (public underground shelter, Helsinki, Finland)

2017 One Can Not Be Too Careful, found images, video and text (gallery Lock In, Brighton, UK)

2016 Fortress Europe. Eastern bastion (KX gallery, Brest, Belarus)

2016 Talking about politics (DK Delaj Sam/a, Moscow, Russia)

2016 Emotional-specific: between the monument and the ritual (KX gallery, Brest, Belarus)

2016 Boundaries of The Other (CECH, Minsk, Belarus)

2015 Measurements of Emptiness (gallery Ў, Minsk, Belarus)

2015 All That Is Solid Melts into Air (Maxim Bahdanovich literature museum, Minsk, Belarus)

2015 Social Grid (gallery Ў, Minsk, Belarus/ gallery Meno niša, Vilnius, Lithuania)

2013 Structuring (gallery Ў, Minsk, Belarus)

2011 Dach-XV festival (Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin, Germany)

2010 Paint In Oil (gallery Ў, Minsk, Belarus)

2010 Dach-XI festival (Palace Of Arts, Minsk, Belarus)

2010 Dach-X festival (Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin, Germany)

2009 Dach-IX festival (Palace Of Arts, Minsk, Belarus)




2018 What unites us? (KX gallery, Brest, Belarus)

2017 One Can Not Be Too Careful (CECH, Minsk/KX gallery, Brest, Belarus)

2017 Blind spot, Maxim Sarychau`s solo show (CECH, Minsk, Belarus)

2016 Fortress Europe. Eastern bastion (KX gallery, Brest, Belarus)

2016 Talking about politics (DK Delaj Sam/a, Moscow, Russia)

2016 Boundaries of The Other (CECH, Minsk, Belarus)




2016 Midnight at the Siolim Bridge (Piarshak multy-label/Lohvinau publishing house, Belarus). Short list of Jerzy Giedroyc literature prize (Belarus).

2014 Vagrants (Piarshak multy-label/Lohvinau publishing house, Belarus)

2012 Passers (Galijafy publishing house, Belarus)

2008 Run (Galijafy publishing house, Belarus)




2019 Co-editor and author of RTV Magazine #3, Poland.

2018 To work with socially engaged art (Hjärnstorm magazine, #132, Sweden).

2018 Struggle for time (Full Bleed magazine, #2, US).

2017 Politics in the art of Belarus after 2010th (Moscow Art Magazine, #101, Russia).




2019 Residency Context (Bol’shoye Goloustnoye, Russia)

2019 Residency at Q21 (Vienna, Austria).

2019 Residency at Municipal gallery Arsenal co-organized with cultural center Zamek (Poznan, Poland).

2018 Internship at Neue Nachbarschaft // Moabit community. (Berlin, Germany).

2018 Project leader at “STATUS. Role of the artist in the transformation of society” – a collaborative research project on work conditions, institutions, education, self-organization and influence of artistic agenda on society in Belarus and Sweden.

2017 Art director and curator of the gallery at cultural and educational center CECH in Minsk.

2017 Resedency for Curators at Könstepidemin during GIBCA`17 (Götheborg, Sweden)

2016 – 2017 ArtPlatform educational program for culture managers by the European Cultural Foundation and Gallery Ў.

2016 National Rada Awards prize (Belarus) for the strong civil position in art.