Fortress Europe. Eastern Bastion

“Fortress Europe. East Bastion” project combines artistic and activist practices. It was the result of collaboration between a group of artists and curators, as well as human right defenders from “Human Constanta”. A series of portraits of Alexander Vasukovich showed the refugees from Chechnya and their life in Brest in their extended waiting for the asylum in Poland, their life in a rented apartment or at the railway station. Maxim Sarychau’s video combinined activism and video art was basically a documentation of volunteer activity. Aliaxey Talstou examined the statements of Polish officials, refugees and human rights defenders and created a textual work on their basis. The video “Volga” by Aslan Gaisumov was based on the author’s memories and reflects the emergency escape during the war in Chechnya. Marina Naprushkina’s work from the project “The Refugees’ Library” was one of the series of the trial sketches on applications for asylum in Germany.


Curators: Ilona Dergach, Aliaxey Talstou