Work was presented at the Concrete-Emotional: Between the monument and the ritual, an exhibition curated by Aleksei Borisionok that took place in KH, Brest, Belarus. The main issue of Honoring is a connection between soviet-style rituals, family or personal memories and the contemporary Belarusian mythology. One part of the work was created for show within the exposition, another was performed at the Brest Fortress Memorial. Author challenges the cult of WWII like a foundation of Belarusian state ideology through symbolic commemoration of his grandfather with a broken crystal vase, the part of family heritage. The crystal vase is a meme in Belarus, the allegory for the strong Belausian state widely used after president Lukashenko`s familiar quote in which he compared the country with a beautiful crystal vase that he cares aware to drop and break. The words the author uses in his work go “The past is broken. There is only modernity that we have.”