Mediawinter, mediaspring…

The part of this work was shown at the exhibition One can not be to careful, gallery Lock In, Brighton, UK. The exhibition was dedicated to the issues of censorship and self-censorship in art.

This project was created in the spring of 2014. It was an attempt to analyse the reflections on the events in Ukraine from Minsk`s community perspective where they were usually perceived via mass media and social networks. Such distant involvement on one hand and parallels between Belarusian and Ukrainian contexts on the other raised up concerns and tensions within Belarusian society. Despite the law, volunteers travelled to Kyiv and later to the frontline to fight for one side or the other. However the events of the winter and spring of 2014 were mostly perceived by Belarusian society from a distance.

With the nature of such reflections the idea of the essay had come. It includes written text, the documents, artefacts, found objects and quotes from the news broadcasts or headlines related to the conflict. At the same time it makes it possible to keep the distance on none engagement.

“Mediawinter, mediaspring…” was proposed for the short term show in the gallery of contemporary art Ў in Minsk in June 2014. Despite the positive feedback of the gallery`s management, the decision was made to postpone the show for an uncertain term because of the political situation in the country. Negotiations took place before Independence day and after the Hockey World Championships that came with preventive detentions of activists.

Since the summer 2014 many components of this essay were lost and the text part was not completed. In March 2017 during the wave of public protests in Belarus, the government launched repressions on the activists and political opposition. Up to the date of March 25 when the mass rally was planned in the capital hundreds of people were detained. The trials resulted in penalties and short term arrests. The criminal case on the mass disorders organising was opened with 28 suspects detained. The searches took place in many homes. During these events the author made a decision to get rid of one of the last components of the essay, a cracked baseball bat which was a part of one of the installations.