Shards – is a site-specific installation that was created for the gallery Canteen XYZ in Minsk and addressed the issue of changes in factory premises` statuses and turning them into cultural spaces. The work consists of reflections on cultural economy development with opening the new institutions and authors personal history that linked directly to the place installation created for, the former canteen of Kalibr plant. The administration had to let it for rent because of inefficiency. Soon after it the gallery, club, offices of art initiatives emerged there and the different culture events started to take place.

The work reflects on those changes that was mentioned above but also deals with authors` memories as he frequently visited this canteen since his childhood. Personal memories tight with allegories on economics and politics of the country where a lot of plants is in a state property and can`t modernize its production lines that makes them uncompetitive to the foreign companies. This leads to the compulsory measures, to the renting in which case new cultural spaces can be seen like kind of diagnosis, an evidence of economical stagnation.

Shards is a direct continuation of the series of works with crystal glass. The key point here is a referring to the meme of “crystal vase” that is popular in Belarus like an ironic epithet of the country, picked up after quote of president Lukashenka. Once he compared Belarus with a fragile crystal vase that he “cares… and beware to drop”. The soviet stile crystal vase is a mane material used as in a whole series so in this particular work. The video and objects from the action “For Happiness!” that took place on July 3, 2016 on Independence square in Minsk are also used.

Installation Shards is forth and the last work in the series.